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Amun is a leading crypto technology company which aims to make purchasing digital asset tokens accessible, safe, and efficient.

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Listed on the top exchanges enabling you to enter and exit positions on the secondary market.




Smart Trading Engine

Why should you trade our digital asset tokens?

Daily Rebalancing

Each token rebalances daily to ensure constant leverage ratios of the underlying assets are always maintained.

Zero Hassle

Traders don't have to worry about managing funding rates, borrowing costs or monitoring positions for risks of margin calls.


Our tokens are listed on the leading crypto exchanges making it easier to enter and exit positions on the secondary market.

Best Execution

Our smart order routing features allows for intended exposure at the lowest trading rates across the digital asset market.

Token Trading Process

Trading tokens with Amun in three simple steps.

  • 1

    Mint or Burn Tokens

    Once onboarded onto our trading platform users can mint our tokens by depositing any amount of USDC from their MetaMask wallet.

  • 2

    We'll Calculate Your Position

    Our system is synced with industry-leading lending desks and exchanges to provide real-time calculations and determine the exact amount of exposure for the tokens you are trading.

  • 3

    Receive Our Tokens

    Our smart contracts utilize oracles to read on-chain requests, collect off-chain response data and determine the precise amount of tokens to deposit into your connected MetaMask wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know about trading our tokens.

How can I purchase Amun tokens?

You can either mint these tokens on our platform or purchase them on the secondary market through exchanges such as Liquid,, or HitBTC.

What are the benefits of Amun tokens?

What are the risks associated with Amun tokens?

What are the fees for Amun tokens?

Is there an investment minimum?

What is the base currency to purchase Amun Tokens?

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